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Arnold William Klein: Art Restitution from Christies and


Posted on September 22, 2012 by AWKMD

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Robert Cottingham: From Collection of Dan Melnick

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The Nazi-era (1933-1945) saw the unprecedented and orchestrated spoliation

of art in Europ e. Its consequences continue to resonate strongly in today’s art

world as seventy years on, unrestituted works of art continue to come to light,

often when offered for sale. While Christies takes this very seriously the problem

is still with us today. I was embezzled over 30 million dollars by Private Bank of

California. The Bank has committed serious bank fraud and because of this I was

forced to enter bankruptcy court because lawyers and law enforcement gave me

no protection. The bank is Private Bank of California. This bank has committed

serious bank fraud by allowing Muhammad Khilji, Jason Pfeiffer and Robert

Lorsch to open illegal accounts with insider assistance that were used to embezzle

from 20-30 million dollars from me. There are no power of attorney documents

or anything on these accounts and the records for these accounts were never sent

to my office but to that of Robert Lorsch.

In Bankruptcy Court not one of my cases has ever been heard. Why?

Because Judge Richard Neiter ( my bankruptcy judge ) holds stock in the

fraudulent financial institution Private Bank of California that embezzled my


Bradley Sharp,my trustee, has also evidenced s significant conflict of

interest. When Muhammad Khilji’s case (the man guilty of embezzling millions

of dollars of my funds) was thrown out by the District Court Bradley Sharp

appealed and won his right to testify in the 9th Circuit Court. But but when Jason

Pfeiffer refused to testify Bradley Sharp is now charging him immense legal fees.

Bradley Sharp is guilty of conflict of interest By definition he is required by

law to remove himself from my case or is automatically removed.

So neither of these people can serve in my case. Well in Christies recent auction

items were offered that were essentially stolen from me. The Trustee can not

sell corporate items or things I have traded for service. Much if not most of my

art collection was traded for services rendered. In the Christie’s Post-War and

Contemporary Sale 2598 the John Baldesarri is a case in point.

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the Perth Diner was damaged in house fire that occurred at my Windsor

Residence which you do not mention and it was purchased for me as a gift

for services rendered by Jennifer Jones Simon through “minimally invasive

aesthetics llc.” which is not even in bankruptcy

The two Graham’s were given to me by late Robert Graham and his lovely wife

who as you most probably know is a famous Actress. The Cottingham above was

owned by Dan Melnich and he offered it to me greatly under reserve( 3/4 for

services.) I still looking for a Jenny Holzer which was given to me by her in 1984

when she did the first “Art for Aids.” If you are interested I have raised over 274

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million for Aids. The truth is I was never backrupt I was robbed and Bradley

Sharp is attempting to steal everything I own. My Bankruptcy Trustee

Bradley Sharp has illegally attempted to place corporate items for sale at

Christies.Bonham’s,Sotheby’s and elsewhere.These items have been traded for

services rendered. I have been in bankruptcy court for almost 3 years and have

yet to have a single adversarial case heard as stated above.They are illegally

attempting to take everything I own and I must stop it. If it requires

me going to Jail with the Marshals I will. But I promise the

Marshals and Mr Brad Salt if you arrest me inappropriately without

proper guidance I will sue you. You have already illegally removed

art from my office which is theft. If you don’t believe me please write my

lawyer Jeff Krinsk.<>. I can pay for the Cottingham and

Graham’s as per Perth Diner give me some time and it will be mine. Do not sell

my portrait my Baldessari. The story below will tell you how I became interested

in Art. Please understand as far as I am concerned this is not the second world

war but I will get my art.



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DIAMOND DIVA’S 170,000-212,000

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In the inventory I received from the Trustee and Bonhams I am owed $200,000

for corporate items that sold. Many items are missing from the Bonham’s sale

as noted below. Almost all of these items are property of MIA or A.W.Kleinmd

a medical corp. My office in the Laguna House was established by MIA as I did

most of my research in O.C. or San Diego.

1) Hallie Salassie Cane from Michael Jackson $200,000

2) Brooke Shields Mask by Robert Graham$ 50,000

3) Children’s Masks of Prince,Paris and Blanket -$10,000

4) Maquette of Michael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff Koons$500,000

5) Elizabeth Taylor Geodes and Crystals $100,000

6) Peter the Great Solid gold Pen –from Michael Jackson by Mount Blanc 10-


Bonhams had guaranteed that either I or Paul Camuso would get an attempt to

review my auction catalogue once assembled. Furthermore I painfully reviewed

the provenance of every item which they assured me would be included in the

sale. Ultimately they published an unacceptable and destructive Catalogue which

in no way reflected the true value of my treasured possesions:

1) The amount attained for many of my treasured

items was far below market

2) Their appraised values of most of my items

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was ridiculously low

3) The presentation, misinformation and manner in which

groups of my items were assembled was preposterous.

4) Their conversations with Jason Peiffer as well as Darren Julian, brings into

question their entire motivation . One must remember that Julian’s Auction was

the site through which many of the items Mr. Pfeiffer stole from me were sold.

Regarding my sale please note they put a value of $40,000 on the 1964 Red

Sunset which has an appraised value of over $400,000.00. This item is listed in

the Lichtenstein Foundation Catalogue and is property of my aunt

Helene Additionally the Vik Muniz portrait of Elizabeth Taylor in

Diamonds (they demanded the certificate of authenticity stating the

piece would definitely go on the Catalogue cover.) It did not appear

on the cover of the Catalogue. While it had a reserve of 100,000.00

it was sold for $80,000 which is unacceptable. Please note this

very same picture has sold for 180,000.00 and 170,000.00 before

and after Bonham’s auction.Furthermore the reserve on Cher’s

Bentley was 100,000 how did it sell for 63,000. I must see the history of

bidding on these piece as well as who purchased them. Two individuals I know

attempted to bid on this picture and were unable to do so. I feel Bonham’s owes

me $60,000 on these items alone.

Having never been was sent a draft of the catalogue nor did Mr Camuso ever

receive such a document revealed how poorly I was represented by Bonhams

in this sale as well as my items. I attempted to halt the sale in they had totally

misrepresented many of my cherished items. The Matisse which Elizabeth

Taylor gave me and I have pictured hanging in her living room is not noted as

such in the catalogue. The portrait by Jean Michel Basque of Madonna was

included with the sale of the Madonna hat but not listed separately. The tickets

to the American Music Awards wherein Michael Jackson received Performer of

the century have no mention of Mr Jackson and are grouped with other items

in a sloppy manner.The Frank Gehry Teapot which is the prototype he gifted to


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Johnson is not even mentioned as such(Phillip Johnson then gave it to me.) the

Herb Ritts Photos of Mr Jackson are unique prints given to me by Mr. Jackson

(who owned the negatives) and they are incorrectly described. These are just a

few examples how poorly this sale was presented . This catalogue had to

be rewritten and the auction delayed and the fact that they had spoken to Mr

Pfeiffer who remains guilty of severe criminal acts against me was of great

concern. Furthermore Bonham’s had not even bothered to return a single email

to me regarding the sale. It was obvious that Bonham’s was attempting

to sabotage the amount received from this unique sale .

In reviewing the Catalogue a number of pieces delivered were not included in

the auction.

1) Paradise by John Baldessari

2) Elizabeth Taylor of a crystal that has an encased water drop.

3) a LOT of the Star Wars prototype/licensing approval pieces that Carrie Fisher

gave to Dr. Klein that are missing from these lots. The pieces including books

and toys had letters from Lucas Licensing Those kind of pieces resonate with the

fans so it’s puzzling why they were not included.

4) Two large bars of chocolate given to Dr. Klein by Lauren Bacall. The

chocolate had her image on them

5) Michael Jackson’s Children’s masks that Bonham’s felt would not be

appropriate for the sale

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6) Sterling Silver panther head cane once owned by the King of Ethiopia Haile

Salassie. This cane must be pulled at once and is valued at over $200,000.0

7) Jeff Koon’s Marquette of Michael Jackson and Bubbles $500,000.00

Lichtenstein, Crak. $5,000-7,000( estimate is far greater than this)

9) Warhol, Chicken ‘n’ Dumplings. $6-8000

10) Versace jacket owned by MJ. $1,800-2,500

Lot No: 1001

John Baldessari (American, born 1931)

Talking Back to the Media, Amsterdam, 1985

Lot No: 1003

John Baldessari exhibition catalogs

Reason: Mr. Baldessari feels that this price is extremely low for such rare

items. Mr. Baldessari has told me that the estimates are low and strongly

suggested that these two lots be removed from the sale.

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Lot No: 1010

An early Frank Gehry for Alessi stainless steel and mahogany “Pico” teapot, circa

1991 stamped “ALESSI 5.4.9′′ and with Alessi sticker together with a Frank Gehry

graphite on paper drawing of a teapot signed “F. Gehry” and annotated “ALESSI


This lot went from being a prototype for the Alessi Pico teapot to a early used

example of the teapot. The teapot *IS* the prototype model. As previously

communicated to Jean the teapot came from Philip Johnson as gift for services

to Dr. Klein . Dr Klein then asked Frank Gehry (who is a close friend of Dr. Klein)

has examined the piece and confirmed it was indeed the prototype. The piece did

have a paper typed label stating the word ‘prototype’.

Frank Gehry gave Dr. Klein the study for the teapot as a companion piece. Frank

has expressed some outrage in the fact that it is not properly described.

The teapot was listed on the Schedule A manifest as being a prototype but by

the time it got to the catalog it became a ‘used’ early example. If you were to

examine the piece you would see that the prototype is non-functioning. We do

not understand WHY this item changed from the manifest description but at this

point we cannot allow a prototype to be sold under the current description in the

catalog as we feel it will not get the value it should get as a prototype.

In addition, Mr. Gehry has suggested that the next lot also be removed:

Lot No: 1011

Frank Gehry ink on paper study for a toilet paper holder, labeled signed and

dated by the architect


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Mr. Gehry feels that the estimate is far below what it should be and has asked Dr.

Klein to remove it from the auction.

Lot 1021

Robert Mapplethorpe’s Lady Lisa Lyon, inscribed and signed to Dr. KleinEstimate: US$350 – 500

Dr. Klein requested that it be noted in the description that Ms. Lyon was his

cousin. He feels that the connection would enhance the value of this book so he

would like to withdraw it from the auction.

Lot 1022

Henri Matisse (French, 1869-1954); La Voix Tintante, from Poésies Antillaises;Estimate: US$3,000

– 5,000

For lot 1022 I personally do not understand why the description is so poor on this

piece. From the first day that Dr. Klein and I met with Bonham’s we explained

how this Matisse print was a gift from Elizabeth Taylor and how it hung in her

living room at her Bel Air Estate. This Matisse was also tweeted about by Ms.

Taylor in one of her early Twitter tweets:

We also provided Jean with both the Twitter message screen capture and a photo

of the piece on the wall of Elizabeth’s living room. I sent the images in early Sept

and Dr. Klein sent them several times to her in the ensuing months. This story

was told to Jean over and over again.

This was to be the VERY FIRST piece of art to be sold from Elizabeth’s living

room. It’s not old masters (which surrounded the piece where it hung on the

wall); it was something affordable that a buyer could have purchased with

pictorial provenance about it being from the living room of Ms. Taylor. It should

have been one of Bonham’s star pieces in the auction to talk about and yet none

of the provenance or pictures were used either in the catalog or online. It’s

unforgivable to have done that and I consider it a HUGE dropped ball on the

part of Bonham’s. I would have thought Bonham’s would have wanted to get as

much money for items but this is a prime example of a lack of descriptions of

provenance that is affecting this auction.

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Lot 1029

Edward Ruscha (American, born 1937); and Jim Ganzer (American, 20th century) One Plate, from

Brave Men Run in My Family;Estimate: US$1,000 – 2,000This piece was a gift by Michael Jackson to

Dr. Klein. There is no mention of that in the description nor is there a provenance of that.

Lot 1034

Portrait of Michael Jackson in fencing attireEstimate: US$2,000 – 3,000

Sale 20105Lot 1035

Portrait of Michael Jackson in fencing attireEstimate: US$2,000 – 3,000

I think you know the issue with lots 1034 and 1035 – the description that

Bonham’s insists on having is unacceptable. The fact that these were first

reported by Bonham’s to Dr. Klein as “stolen” by a Warner Bros executive by

the Herb Ritts Foundation and then Dr. Klein’s subsequent response from Mark

McKenna of the Herb Ritts Foundation stating that they not insinuate that the

images were stolen and states that the works were printed …sometimes under

his(Ritts) direct supervision and sometimes by commercial labs…” ] In that Dr.

Klein s was a friend of both Mr. Ritts and Michael Jackson, these prints came

directly from Mr. Ritts- again a part of the provenance that was not included in

the description for whatever reason.

Lot No: 1036 8 1⁄2 lines written by Michael Jackson, apparently lyrics for an

unfinished song

These lyrics have stirred up a lot of interest from organizations who want Dr.

Klein to donate the lyrics instead of selling them. Dr. Klein wants to look at that

possibility before deciding to put the lyrics for sale again. Dr. Klein feels strongly

you have underestimated the value of these lyrics.

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